05 August 2011

On Topic: What else is going on?

This week's release of the Department of Health and Human Service's new health plan guidelines for women's preventative services returned an old friend to the national spotlight: the Affordable Care Act. How've ya been, ACA? We hardly heard about you while the debt limit needed raising or, depending on who you ask, the federal government needed eliminating. Okay, not eliminating, just effectively eliminating.

Now that the whole wearying business of compromise is over with, and before the NFL season (with its compromisy post-lockout agreement) brings all our rowdy friends over Monday night, we have a moment to look at the less imminent, less doom-promising events we've been... not "ignoring"... just setting aside gently until the time when they too turn apocalyptically exigent.

So go ahead...

Me-- I hit a few dozen floater golf balls at the driving range and took some time catching up with the Affordable Care Act. Go, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals! Might write that up later.

Enjoy the start of your weekend.

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