24 July 2011

Annoyed, yes. Averse to compromise, maybe not.

Guess what, national leaders. Americans are annoyed at you. ABC News/Washington Post polled the nation's "Frustration Index" last week, and it seems we're at 72 out of 100. Grrr!

Grrr! Cute cat roar

In the poll, the majority of Americans (and we're talking both Republican Americans and Democrat Americans-- "Is there another kind?") pretty much agreed on thinking that a debt default would "cause serious harm" to...

  • the U.S. economy: 80% of Republicans, 90% of Democrats.
  • the country’s reputation as a safe place to invest: 76% of Rs, 83% of Ds.
  • their personal finances: 56% of Rs, 66% of Ds.

We agree!

And by we I don't just mean enough namby-pamby moderates to countervail what these poll questions should have revealed were the true sentiments of the politically unswerving brave, a.k.a. people who self-reported as "very conservative." (You be Namby, and I'll be Pamby.) Because it turns out that "even among Tea Party supporters, 62 percent say congressional Republicans have not been willing enough to compromise on the deficit." No italics necessary; you saw the respondent group, you saw the number, and you saw what they say.

Hey, congressional holdouts: What's the hold up, then?

Stop thinking tax cuts versus debt roof raising (whoop whoop!), and certainly don't go with that trusty and gratifying gut feeling which stands contrary to everything the world's collection of learned and respected economists are promising you is the truth. Quit watching the show in tunnel-vision. I know you kept your 3D Harry Potter glasses; use them so you can feel like you're actually there, like you really are a part of the saga-ending combination of spending cuts and tax increases.

... because there is no way one approach alone is going to pass muster. Combine. Your reduced deficit will thank you. Of course, this is merely my take on it. Others might disagree.

Not many though! 62% think I'm right! (I know: that was false humility.) They also think I'm cool.*

* "Cool" data not yet supported by statistics. It's just a trusty and gratifying gut feeling.

It's hard not to feel a little bad for spending cuts and tax increases. They show up to work in the same building every day, mistiming their meetings at the water-cooler, passing each other in the hallway-- two lonely-hearts who don't know they're right for each other.

Do you know what else are right for each other? My friend Vicky and _____.
If anyone can complete that sentence, please get in touch with Vicky. We'll get you sorted, Vix. :-o

Polls usually have me interested more in the numbers and method than in the incontrovertible truth surely gained by imagining to know the mind and makeup of the majority. But more likably, shareably, tweetably, and +1ably, polls are fun! They have reliably nibble-sized morsels, perfect for bullet-pointing. Like so...

  • These people support raising the following:
  • Percent of hopeful citizens = 54. That's how many think our leaders will "resolve this issue" before 2 Aug, the mutha deadline.
  • If the government does go into default:
    • 42% would blame congressional Republicans.
    • 36% would blame President Obama.
    • 19% are correct (oops, I mean, 19% say both of them would be to blame).

Lest we forgot how irked we are, let us close on this opinion from the vox populi: "While President Obama for the first time has fallen under 40 percent approval for handling the economy, the Republicans in Congress do even worse, 28 percent approval."

Annoyed, more annoyed, most annoyed; American public, Marvin the Martian, this kid.

You decide.

Marvin the Martian, very angry          annoyed child

About the images: could not find copyrights on the roaring kitteh and angered kid.

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