10 August 2011

I'll read that

Found a new blog for my feed reader. Sometimes when people say "new" they mean "well, I ain't never heard of it before." Not this time. The blog is actually new, born in July, with-- it looks like-- four posts so far. At the least, the blogger is good at self-marketing. But he looks to have more than that to offer.
Rewire Blog - by a man who wanted to leave the workplace, did, and thinks that if you too want to leave it for something you feel is more meaningful, then you should. And can.
But whatever. Lots of people say that. The receptionist at my dentist's office said it today. Lots of places say it: blogs, entrepreneur gatherings, ads to become an Avon lady. There are probably twenty to thirty places on E-How that say so. So what convinced me to grab Rewire's RSS? Two things, far more important than the blog's tagline:

  1. An SEO blogger I follow promoted it on her Google+. The link that got me there accounted for, let's say, 40% of the resulting follow, because it came from someone who, in my opinion, has good taste and without which I would never have heard of Rewire in the first place.
  2. The very first bit of content delivered. That was the 60%: a compelling introductory post that declared the blogger's persona and demonstrated exactly what the blog ("rethink the rules of business"), the blogger (I'm honest. You're invited to meet with me on the same level. It'll be refreshing and productive.), and you ("think about some things that you hide when doing business") promise to be all about. All three came across like things on which I'd be willing to spend a minute or two a week.

Whether or not I hold on to the subscription will be up to the posts to come, and it's off to a good start. Not for the "hardcore entrepreneur," says Rewire's About page. From browsing the blog, I get the feeling that might not be true. I just put this in the feed folder with Seth Godin's blog. Looking forward to more.

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