25 January 2011

Making the human connection is hard without your bird suit

Republicans and Democrats take a break from segregated seating tonight at the 2011 State of the Union, but in a less publicized showground—daily life—fake news correspondent Wyatt Cenac delivers warranted mumbly curses to focus our attention on a distressing example of neglect for the human connection in a segment called “Bird Like Me” on The Daily Show.

A place founded by freed slaves 145 years ago has been treated, the segment explains, as “a dumping ground.” It isn’t so bad that the Audubon Society is supporting birds in the town devastated by hurricane Katrina; it’s that political will successfully guaranteed the safety of birds where the rest of us failed to safeguard and care for human beings.

Watch the segment: “Bird Like Me
Read about the community: Turkey Creek Community Initiatives
The video at the top of this page is of opera singer Shirley Verrett, singing “Oh Freedom” in 1966, the year emancipated African-Americans purchased and settled Turkey Creek, Mississippi.

Looking for something more uplifting? I suspect we’ll hear it today at 9 PM. President Obama usually aligns with the human connection.

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