15 March 2010

Hez in ur teksbooks, moldin ur histry

Here is an ABC News interview with Texas State Board of Education member, fossil record fault-finder, and Joseph McCarthy vindicator Don McLeroy—and don’t forget, contraster of the wholesome "American way" with, ugh, "multiculturalism,"—who reminded us, "Somebody's got to stand up to experts that are just... *sigh*".

(When Don McLeroy stands up, experts might as well sit down: you can view that bit of convincing delivery on a number of YouTube videos.)

State Senate booted you out of the chairmanship? Might not so much matter when your replacement is from of your ideological bloc. But new this month, and earning district voters a “Bully For You”: Dr. McLeroy (dentist) lost his seat on the board.

Not so bully: When the reelecteds and newly electeds take their seats next year, the Texas SBOE could still have members who were born on a 6000-year-old planet… and want public school textbooks to show it.

And in the meantime, the vote on what does and doesn’t get included in Texas textbooks guidelines (until the next review a decade from now) will take place before the change-over in incumbents.

But maybe, with the loss of the attention-drawing archconservative, the board will be able to bear down on crucial education issues that are the focus of much of the nation right now and on which the White House administration is soon to turn massive attention. Thomas Ratliff, the Republican elected to McLeroy’s spot, seems to think so anyway.

N.B. Any parts that are referenced but not directly sourced are within other links above or the two below:

Quoted in The Washington Monthly as saying, “There are people out there who want to replace truth with political correctness. Instead of the American way they want multiculturalism. We plan to fight back—and, when it comes to textbooks, we have the power to do it. Sometimes it boggles my mind the kind of power we have.”

Russell Shorto writing on “How Christian Were the Founders?” in The New York Times. The title might make it seem irrelevant to this post, but give it a look; you’ll see.

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